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Effortlessly sophisticated and modern, the House of Saint Laurent is known to produce styles that’ll stay in your closet forever. The brand has become one of the most prominent fashion houses of the 21st century and it comes to no surprise that there are many fakes out there. Unsure if a particular YSL bag is authentic? We’re here to help! 

Point 1: Check the monogram

Since 1961, the YSL monogram has been a constant in the House’s designs. Not only has it become synonymous to the brand, it has also become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. With so many of the House’s designs sporting the monogram, it should be one of the first few features you check when authenticating a YSL bag. 

As a rule of thumb, the YSL monogram should always be centred on an authentic bag. There are a few elements of the monogram that you should take note of:

  • The left arm of the letter ‘Y’ is always thicker than its right;
  • The left arm of the letter ‘Y’ lies beneath the letter ‘S’ while its right arm lies above;
  • The leg of the letter ‘Y’ lies above the letter ‘S’;
  • The letter ‘S’ overlaps the letter ‘L’ on top and then tucks behind it;
  • The letter ‘L’ starts wide at the top and narrows as it reaches the bottom.

Note that the presence or absence of four mock nail heads in the monogram (see left photo below) is not an indication of the bag’s authenticity.


Authentic YSL Monogram

Point 2: Check the heat stamp

The Saint Laurent heat stamp should feature a font that is neat and well-defined. It is important to note that the letters ‘T’ and ‘N’ in the words ‘SAINT LAURENT’ should be touching. In addition, the right leg of the letter ‘R’ in ‘SAINT LAURENT’ should be curved while that of the letter ‘R’ in ‘PARIS’ should be straight. Do note that vintage models would feature the old brand logo ‘YVES SAINT LAURENT’ in the heat stamp instead.


Heat stamp found on the underside of the flap of an authentic pre-loved YSL bag.

Other than being directly embossed onto the leather of the bag, heat stamps can also be found on leather labels stitched securely onto the interior of authentic YSL bags. When purchasing a pre-owned bag, it is normal for the interior label to be slightly faded due to normal wear and tear.


Authentic modern YSL interior labels (top left and top right) and vintage interior labels (bottom left and bottom right).

Point 3: Check the serial number tag

For vintage bags, the serial number can be found embossed on the opposite side of the interior brand label. On the other hand, for modern bags, the serial number would be found on another leather tag stitched onto the opposite side of the brand label. 

Modern handbags would feature 3 letters and then 10 digits separated by a dot, or 10 digits separated by a dot where the first 6 digits denote the style and the next 4 digits denote the date code. Vintage handbags such as the Muse or the Cabas Chyc would feature 12 digits separated by a dot.  In addition, the phrase “made in italy” should also be clearly embossed below the serial number. The letters should either be in all lowercase or all uppercase.


Modern (left) and vintage (right) serial number tags.

Point 4: Check the stitching

YSL bags should feature consistent, neat and tight stitches. For bags that feature the quilted stitching such as the Lou Camera Bag and the Envelope, ensure that the stitching patterns are parallel to each other.


Point 5: Check the hardware 

Authentic Saint Laurent bags should feature high quality hardware, majority of which are in antiqued / matte finishings. For bags that feature a chain strap, such as the Kate or the Envelope, the chain strap should be wide and thick. Hardware such as metal connectors on chain straps, metallic tassels (on Kate), buckles or handle attachments and padlocks (on Sac de Jour) should be clearly engraved with the brand’s logo. 


Authentic YSL chain strap (top left), metal connector (top right), padlock (bottom left), metallic tassel (bottom right).

It is important to note that unlike the rest of the hardware, the engravings on metal circles and clasps do not feature the ‘N’ and ‘T’ letters touching. 


Authentic metal clasp (left) and metal circle (right).

The logo engraving on the leather tassel of the Lou Camera Bag would also feature the brand logo in a different style as seen below. 


Point 6: Check the authenticity card 

When purchasing a brand new modern YSL bag, there should be a white authenticity card and a black care manual fitted inside a black envelope with the brand logo in white. The white authenticity card should feel like a piece of paper and not thick and heavyweight. The front of the card should feature the modern brand logo and the phrase ‘MADE IN ITALY’ in a small and thin font. It is important to note that if the serial number tag indicates the style number, the 6 digit number found printed on the back of the authenticity card should correspond to the style number. 

For vintage bags, the authenticity card and envelope should both be white in colour and should feature the old YSL logo that reads ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ instead. 


Authentic YSL envelope (top), front (bottom left) and back (bottom right) of authenticity card. The number 516858, on the back of the authenticity card denotes the style number.

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